Subsea Specialties is able to offer client support for the development of commissioning and acceptance procedures following major rig updates and refurbishment activities. Subsea Specialties has specialist in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, marine, IT and planning which enables us to assist clients to prepare and implement procedures to ensure that the rig will comply with operator requirements, have an acceptable level of reliability and will operate in conformance with all necessary certification and statutory requirements.

Subsea Specialties will provide a support service to assist in integrating the skills of construction yard personnel, vendor representatives and certification authorities with the operator’s requirements.

Subsea Specialties subsea technicians are able to develop and implement planned inspection and maintenance programs for production and offshore rigs. It can be shown that the cost of this service is paid for in the increased availability of the rigs using such a planned system. There are additional benefits arising from improved safety levels for personnel and better environmental protection.

Key issues on any Rig Hardware Assessment are safety of personnel, protection of the environment and security of asset investment. In-depth expertise within the Subsea Specialties organization enables us to undertake risk assessments, prepare safety cases and review both project plans and operational procedures from a safety viewpoint, environmental protection and operability issues.