RHA Specialties surveyors are able to develop and implement planned inspections and maintenance programs for production and offshore rigs. It can be shown that the cost of this service is paid for in the increased viability of the rigs using such a planned system. There are additional benefits arising from improved safety levels for personnel and better environmental protection. The key issues to any project are proper safety training of personnel and equipment, protection of the environment and security of the asset. In-depth expertise within the Subsea Specialties organization enables us to undertake risk assessments, professional trained personnel within their technical limits and prepare a proven safety case for reviewing both project plans, planned maintenance, and operational procedures.

Our subsea consulting and project management services are based on highly developed criteria with strict guidelines including all qualified factors defined by Original Equipment Manufacturers standard operating practices, engineering practices and requirements mandated by DNV, ABS, Lloyds, API, NACE, ASME, HSE, MIGAS, USCG, MMS, IMO MODU Code and SOLAS. Applicable local government regulations are included as needed. Specific client policy criteria such as standard Well Control knowledge are included upon request.

Subsea Specialties management and support services are all individually structured, each to suit the needs of the client within established operating guidelines following all written policies and procedures. Each planned work scope is tailored to exact client demands ranging from brief rig pre-qualification inspection with respect to the OEM’s engineering practices in relation to the operation of the rig. All BOP and Control upgrades or changes conducted to ISO 9000 and manufacturers guidelines, approved by the operator, recorded and documented. All Subsea Specialties personnel conduct Consulting and Project Management services to all configurations of any regulatory requirements within MODU.