Recognizing a need for superior service, improved customer satisfaction and lower cost in the rig support market, Subsea Specialties, Inc. has been structured to meet the support needs of both Oil and Gas Producers, Drilling Contractors and OEM companies. All field personnel have extensive hands-on experience and impressive resumes of past Subsea Consulting and Project Management. Subsea Specialties is a fully insured Texas registered corporation with no affiliation with any drilling or manufacturing organization. This enables Subsea Specialties to give a completely independent service to our clients.  Subsea Specialties primary business consists of providing Subsea Consulting and Project Management services for the Oil and Gas Producers and Drilling Contractors.

Each Subsea Consulting, Project Management and support service is individually structured to suit the particular needs of each client. Each scope of work is tailored to exact client demands ranging from brief rig pre-qualification inspections (RHA) to full scope deep water Rig and BOP upgrades conducted to ISO 9000 guidelines.

Subsea Specialties, LLC. personnel have conducted Subsea Consulting and Project Management on all configurations of MODU. They have evaluated and supervised a number of rig upgrades around the world.

Subsea Specialties is comprised entirely of experienced field professionals and is able to offer client support for the development of commissioning and acceptance procedures following major rig updates and refurbishment activities. Subsea Specialties has specialist in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, marine, IT and planning which enables us to assist clients to prepare and implement procedures to ensure that the rig will comply with operator requirements, have an acceptable level of reliability and will operate in conformance with all necessary certification and statutory requirements.